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Trophy review – Stomach-Turning Doc Takes Aim at Big-Game Hunters

Trophy is a documentary about the highly commodified and macabre ultra-luxury sport of “canned” trophy hunting, in which legally restricted big-game hunting events in various African countries are auctioned off for colossal sums to rich people, often from the United States. These smug types want to play at being the great white hunter but have … [Read more]

Uphill Battle: Can Mudbound Change The White Face of War Films?

If you go by the movies, the world wars look to have been fought and won by white people – although history begs to differ. Now, Netflix’s Mudbound is challenging this perception. Over there I was a liberator. People lined up in the streets waiting for us, throwing flowers and cheering. And here I’m just … [Read more]

Julia Anastasopoulos Plays Bridezilla in First Showmax Original

Showmax has just released the first trailer for their debut original series, Tali’s Wedding Diary, a mockumentary starring Julia Anastasopoulos (aka SuzelleDIY). Premiering on 14 December 2017, Tali’s Wedding Diary follows a self-obsessed Sandton princess (Julia) who’s moved to Cape Town and is filming the build-up to her wedding to her property-agent fiance Darren (Anton Taylor, star of the popular web series Jozi Shore and the award-winning short Money, Keys, Phone). “Tali and Suzelle are very different characters,” … [Read more]

Africans in China Tell Their Own Stories

“Africans in Yiwu” is about the lives of 20 Africans in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. All manner of stories are often told about the situation of Africans in China, largely based on hearsay or unverified information. In order to let Africans in China tell their own stories, two lecturers from Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua, China, … [Read more]

Callsheet 2017 Issue 11_cover
The Callsheet Issue 11

The Callsheet Issue 11 is brought to you by Film & Event Media. This month we explore the dangerous profession of stunt artistry, and we talk numbers and find out how things work within the complex world of film finance.

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