A Bird’s Eye View of Global Industry Trends

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Stephen Follows, a prolific data journalist, film industry researcher and analyst, gave an informative presentation on international film industry trends.

It takes a  talented speaker to hold an audience of filmmakers’ attention for two hours; Stephen Follows proved to be such a speaker. Follows started the session with fun examples of what data analysis can do. Have you wondered when Nicholas Cage’s career peaked? The numbers Acting CEO at the NFVF, Shadrack Bokaba, assured film industry stakeholders that the clean-up at the NFVF is in full swing, and they are committed to leading the charge in creating a sustainable and diverse audio-visual industry. He led a spirited debate and fielded many thought-provoking and emotive statements from the audience, which included the challenges that filmmakers face with regard to accessing distribution to their films, the lack of support for local films, and the fact that funding rejections are negatively
impacting first-time filmmakers.

Mr Bokaba also reinforced the NFVF’s strategic goals in the short and long-term, which include: Transformation: Accelerating the support and development of PDIs in the audio-visual industry in line with the transformation agenda of the country and the three-tiered approach. (With increased support and focus given to new entrants to the industry – those with little to no experience). Human Capital Development: Increase prove it to have been Con Air, says Follows. Is there a correlation between willingness to perform nude and dancing skills? Definitely! Proficient swing and tango dancers proved far more willing to strip down on camera.

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