Blacksmith Collective: Innovating in the Tech Space
February 1, 2019

Blacksmith Collective: Innovating in the Tech Space

Diogo Mendonça and Marcus von Geyso tell us why Blacksmith’s business model is ahead of the curve.

A company founded by Diogo Mendonça and Marcus von Geyso, Blacksmith Collective is unlike any other ad agency or production house. Not only is its business model designed to promote collaboration and creativity, but its scalability and flexibility is ahead of its peers – not to mention the fact that they can easily tap into a vast network of teams who are best suited to any job at hand. This has led Blacksmith into some incredible technological feats for clients.  Diogo and Marcus share more.

Tell us briefly why your business model is unique

We have a global creative network, and because of the scalability of our business model, we can cater to a R25k or a R15 million budget. It means we can have three or 30 teams running at any one time. We are also able to build unique teams with specific skill sets for each project we take on, where we provide strategic guidance, creative direction and top quality execution. Our ethos is to let the work speak for itself, and we’ve created a platform for creatives from all walks of life to engage with high profile brands, and gain experience whilst also generating unique content for our brand partners.

How has this enabled you to position yourself in the industry?

Our company is two and a half years old and we work within the ‘innovative tech space’. Because of the nature of our business model, this means that we have been able to do a lot of live streaming work, build unique project-specific rigs and execute some cutting edge briefs. We are one of the few teams in SA who have access to robotic arms, for instance. We are essentially the gateway into cutting edge tech for the broader film and advertising industries.

In the current industry, it’s about being adaptive. Technology allows us to also be relevant and work with cutting edge tech, to inspire new and unique executions. We cover full-scale content production, innovative brand engagements and experiential events.

What kinds of unique projects have you worked on?

We filmed the launch for Budweiser Africa, which included 10 Jeeps, 6 Harleys and one helicopter. We also worked on an AR project for Yekani for the launch of their billion rand factory in East London. And then we worked with 300 drones over the Johannesburg night sky to create a spectacular lightshow as part of Absa’s rebrand. This was a first for Africa.