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With so many established locations to choose from and emerging regions coming to light, film commissions and permit offices are excited about attracting even more business to South Africa. Susan Reynard reports.

Nature and city centres remain the most popular locations for shooting films and commercials in South Africa. And then there is every conceivable space in between, as seen in the locations booked by film commissions and permit agencies.


Joanne Friedrichs, owner of Permitz, says, “Nature and nature reserves are still popular and always in demand. Cape Nature has seen a marked increase in filming revenue year-on-year. The trend changes from year to year with regards to style when considering residential locations but popular locations like the abandoned buildings and unique spaces are always profitable. With budgets being tightened the locations that are closest to town are always considered first so limited travel times for location moves.”

There is increasing demand for new locations that have not been used previously, especially with stills that have mostly repeat clients that shoot in South Africa every year, Joanne notes. Profitability and popularity of locations are those where the owners are willing to negotiate on rate and be flexible with regards to access.

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