Film Education: Generalists and Specialises Find Their Niche

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Education in film continues to broaden in scope as new areas of specialisation are identified. Most in demand are multi-skilled graduates with the right attitude, industry experts tell Susan Reynard.

Education in film

Education in film

Aligning education to industry needs remains the key focus of film education institutions. Employability is the ultimate test of any course, after all.

Changing landscape

Garth Holmes, co-founder and chairman of AFDA, says the creative economy has exploded and is growing. The massive demand for digital has changed the way we access, produce, archive and distribute information and knowledge, with an emphasis on visual.

“There is 24/7 production of motion pictures and the 24-hour nature of it, on multiple platforms, is driven by an insatiable appetite from consumers. China produces around 700 feature films a year, Russia around 500 and the USA about 400, with Hollywood continuing to dominate distribution,” he notes.

“You have a shifting paradigm: we’re in a non-linear world with random access so a lot of people are users and creators. Not everyone goes to film school but you still need skills across the board,” he adds.

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