November 4, 2019

Film Industry Bands Together for Mandela Day Project

Mandela Day is a day of giving back, of spreading joy and uplifting communities – that’s exactly what Juice Film and the film industry at a large did.

Juice Film co-ordinated the opening of a multi-purpose field for soccer and netball at CAFDA School of Skills. The inaugural opening took place on 12 October 2019.

This school has very passionate learners that are dedicated to soccer. They live, breathe and eat soccer, and, for a while, they were unable to maximise this passion due to the lack of playground. The community raised half of the funds while the film industry raised the other half.

“For the last few years Juice and other industry players have been involved in doing something for Mandela Day and it’s always around sport because I am a football fanatic,” explains Carmen Amos, Executive Producer at Juice Film. “Over the last 5 years we have raised money to buy football kits for previously disadvantaged football players and we’ve raised over 500 kits. This year we decided to go for something that has more longevity so we built this amazing multi-purpose field so that the kids, both boys and girls who play football and netball have more than a kit to wear.”



The learners from this community are excited about this new facility. The value of the school has increased significantly as a result – not only will the learners get to hone their skills; they will now have an opportunity to form a league and invite other schools to compete.

The sponsors who contributed to the multi-purpose field are: Juice Film, Gravitron, Mckenzie Rudolphe, Co-Props 164, Radical Crew, Dreamcatcher Productions, Nick Alridge Photography, Kayos Casting, Panavision, Panalux, Pulse Crew, Peninsula Beverages, Alive Foundation, Sportsmans Warehouse, Pyrahna Stunts, Media Film Service, Orange Films, Gatehouse, Frog Squad, Kiba Rentals, Shesha Catering, Alex’s Catering, Cedar Catering, Krafty Kos, A-Unit, Chris Cloete, Bernard Akogu, Gabriela Altamirano, Carolyn Vuletic, Simmy Mdliva, Kai Amos, Rob & Simone Sulcas, Shanin van Roy, Charlton and Laila & Gary Saven.


A gallery of the day here below



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