Film Industry Engagement: An Overview

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Constructive ways forward for the industry were outlined at the Film Industry Engagement workshop.

Distressingly, over the last few years, there has been a dramatic drop-off in commercial production in the Western Cape. Evidence points to a 40% drop in revenue since the 2017 season, and up to 50% from 2016. A number of reasons account for this. Firstly, the drought and subsequent water crisis scared off many production teams. Secondly, there is a widespread perception that Cape Town’s studios are fully booked, and so attempts to access them aren’t made.

Thirdly, continued uncertainty over the future of the film incentive programme makes production teams wary of committing to the area. And finally rising costs, a stronger Rand and competing international markets such as Eastern Europe, Portugal and Thailand, have all swayed producers away from the Western Cape.

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