Film and Publication Board Callsheet Ratings classification guidelines
May 13, 2019

FPB to Engage the Creative Industry on the Revised Classification Guidelines

An extensive public consultation process has revealed the updates that needed to be made to the Classification Guidelines used by the Film and Publication Board (FPB) to classify films, games and certain publications distributed to South African consumers.

Now the new Classification Guidelines will be workshopped with various stakeholders and interest groups. The FPB will engage script writers and content producers in the film industry on Friday 17 May 2019.  Understanding the classification process and how to apply the classification guidelines will assist the creative industry in reaching the desired target market by pre-empting the age restriction likely to be assigned and influencing the production of content.

“We have observed an increase in the number of appeals received against our classification ratings recently. This may be because the creative industry is not aware on how the FPB classifies content. It is therefore the responsibility of the FPB to continuously raise awareness amongst the creative industry regarding content classification and the Films and Publications Act,”

says Acting CEO, Dr Maria Motebang

She adds:

“We believe that the more we engage the creative industry to raise awareness around the revised Classification Guidelines and content regulation, the more they will understand the role of the FPB. This will assist in creating harmony and increasing local film production in South Africa.”

Find the key changes to the revised Classification Guidelines here: The FPB Finalise their Classification and Rating Guidelines

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Friday, 17 May 2019


Cinema 15, Cinevation Movies Centre



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