LA-Based Hoplite Opens Offices in Joburg

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Hoplite Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based company, has officially opened offices in Johannesburg, South Africa to bring its growing TV business into the region.

In a partnership between local, majority black-owned AAA Entertainment, Emmy Award-winning Hoplite has after three years of negotiations, decided to put down roots in South Africa. Hoplite Entertainment has successfully produced over 200 hours of original unscripted and factual content with some formats moving through Asia.

AAA Entertainment, who has been predominantly active in the scripted space, as well as sales and distribution of African content, will now have the opportunity to enter the global unscripted television arena as shareholding partners at Hoplite. Co-founders of AAA Entertainment Mayenzeke Baza and Pascal Schmitz, have a combined 23 years of producing experience in the region. “The strength we now have with combined investment, both locally and abroad, will allow us to stimulate the local television industry while creating new exciting content from Africa designed for a global market place,” they said in a recent statement.

“This new branch allows us to continue to not only grow, but find stories focusing on unique characters globally,” Jon Smith, CEO of Hoplite Los Angeles, said.  The company will be bringing two to four shows a year into the region, shooting both local and global versions of each show, with its first series coming into the country first quarter of 2017.

Acting CCO Jonathan Perkins added, “A partnership in South Africa allows us to bring more great stories to life, as well as significantly reduce the input cost of some of these shows, through South Africa’s favourable exchange rate.”

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