October 15, 2020

Louw Venter’s STAM (The Tree) Chosen To Compete In Polish Film Festival

‘Stam’ (The Tree), the new film written and directed by Louw Venter and produced by Urucu, has been selected to compete in the 18th edition of the Tofifest International Film Festival which will be held in the mediaeval town of Toruń in Poland from 17 to 25 October. The film was released in South Africa on 2 October and is available on DStv’s BoxOffice.


‘Stam’ follows the interlinked lives of five vastly different characters over the course of a few hours in inner city Cape Town and explores a of range connections and relationships that go far beyond familiarity, economics, gender, race or social standing. The city too, with its particular brand of tribalism, decay, magic, gentrification, globalization and regeneration, plays a central role in the film.


Festival director Kafka Jaworska singled out the film as one of the 11 hottest productions from among over a thousand submissions to compete for the main prize of the festival.

Tofifest will be different this year as the qualifying films will not only be available to viewers visiting Toruń in person, but also to those opting to watch them online. People from all over the world are invited to participate in Q&As with the filmmakers, which will follow the screening of the films.


“This is not an easy year for cinema, and we are absolutely thrilled that ‘Stam’ is one of the films that has been selected for this prestigious festival,” says Louw. “This is an exciting moment for this unpredictable, uniquely Afrikaans film and we are honoured to be part of a programme that is focusing on compelling content from all around the world.”


‘Stam’ features a strong ensemble cast, led by Inge Beckmann (‘8’, ‘The Dark Tower’, ‘Troy: Fall of a City’, ‘Escape Room’), Gideon Lombard (‘Suidooster’, ‘Lien se Lankstaanskoene’, ‘Black Sails’, ‘Twee Grade van Moord’), Tarryn Wyngaard (‘Tess’, ‘Noem My Skollie’, ’Arendsvlei’) Niza Jay (‘Inxeba’, ‘Validictory’), with supporting performances by Armand Aucamp (‘Sterlopers’, ‘Ballade vir ‘n Enekling’, ‘Wat kook by Andre Aucamp’), Nicola Hanekom (‘Sinbad’, ‘Song vir Katryn’, ‘Isidingo’, ‘Charlie Jade’, ‘Fishy Feshuns’, ‘Shado’s’ and ‘Heartlines’), Jill Levenberg (‘Noem my Skollie’, ‘Suidooster’, ‘Rugby Motors’, ‘Final Verdict’ ‘Stokvel’,  ‘A Place Called Home’), and Oscar Peterson (‘Vloeksteen’, ‘Die Byl’, ‘Traffic!’, ‘Suidooster’, ‘Die Boland Moorde’, ‘Swartwater’, ‘Sara se Geheim’ and ‘Parlement Parlement’).


‘Stam’ was produced with the support of M-Net, kykNet, the Department of Trade and Industry of South Africa (DTI), the Netherlands Film Fund, the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF). It is distributed in South Africa by Indigenous Film Distribution.

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