January 18, 2019

Mauritius Poised to Become Powerhouse

An island paradise once known only for its idyllic beaches, Mauritius has positioned itself to welcome the international film community with open arms. Joyce Chiremeso explored the island nation.

In the last year or so, Mauritius has taken the world by storm as a haven for filmmakers. The country has taken a unified approach to attract internationals to their shores. Not only do they offer a beautiful, idyllic location with beach destinations to boot, but they also have a very strong incentive offering that not many nations can beat.

From 18-21 October 2018 the second Mauritius Cinema Week took place, and the Callsheet joined in the festivities. This included a selection of the best in cinema both locally and globally, as well as awareness around the island’s creative industries. The week took on a strong business approach and included a conference on film financing, a workshop on the jobs of tomorrow’s film industry, as well as masterclasses on the creative aspects of film. The programme was spearheaded by the Mauritian Economic Development Board.

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