Music Makes the Movie

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No great production is without a beautiful score or a pumping soundtrack. Kim Crowie speaks to the people who compose and catalogue the musical pieces that tug at our heartstrings.

There’s no good film, television series or advert that doesn’t effectively use music. These magical notes speak to us in mysterious ways; moulding our feelings and creating an unseen canvas on which a filmmaker paints his story. “The best part is the emotion music carries with it,” explains Simon Ratcliffe, Founder, Sound Supervisor, and Music and Score Mixer at Sound and Motion Studios. “It constantly amazes me how, when working on a mix with great composers, music can craft and accentuate the emotional context of what’s on screen. For example, if someone on the screen turns to an ex-lover and gives a certain look that’s meant to break your heart, part of my job is to help make you feel that. Amazing.”

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