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Pure Flix Entertainment has begun shooting a new biblical epic in South Africa called Samson.

In April this year, Pure Flix Entertainment began filming the biblical epic Samson in South Africa. It is a dramatic adaptation of a man with supernatural strength who leads his enslaved tribe to victory over the mighty Philistine empire. The film features Jackson Rathbone, Rutger Hauer, Billy Zane, Lindsay Wagner, and Caitlin Leahy, with Taylor James as Samson.

Greg Kriek plays a lead role in the Samson movie

Greg Kriek plays a lead role in the Samson movie

Samson is shooting on location in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, with a largely local support cast and crew. Award-winning local Director Bruce Mac is attached, with The Fabulous Boomtown Boys directing and producing. Projects he’s done include Van Der Merwe, Ocean Driven and The Perfect Wave. Vlokkie Gordon is attached as Line Producer, with Film Industry Learner Mentorship (F.I.L.M.) Programme alumnus Lulu Stone as Production Manager. Greg Kriek (Origins: The Journey of Humankind, Tess) plays the role of Samson’s younger brother Caleb in the film. Kriek is also an alumnus and champion of the F.I.L.M. Programme, which has 10 trainees on this production.

The Callsheet spoke to Kriek three weeks into the shoot, which he says is a massive production job from a logistic perspective with hundreds of extras. “It’s a very character-driven, epic story shot in a Gladiator type of style,” he explains, “And it’s a privilege flying the South African flag high here – I’m one of the leads and it’s one of the biggest roles for a South African. It’s awesome that we’re finally getting a chance to play lead characters and not just supporting.”

Pure Flix is a worldwide leader in the production and distribution of faith and family-friendly entertainment. “We’re thrilled to bring audiences quality and diversity in our upcoming projects,” Pure Flix CEO and Co-Founder Michael Scott said in a statement. The company plans to release Samson in September 2017.

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