hunter gatherer callsheet from scratch nv studios
May 14, 2019

NV Studios Brings Hunting, Gathering, Foraging and Growing Show, From Scratch, to Life

South African content producers NV Studios have partnered with UnLtd Productions to bring international food documentary series From Scratch, to the screen.

Actor and host David Moscow (Big, Newsies, Honey) returns to his roots – linked to a childhood spent foraging for food in the American North-West with his family – to explore where our food comes from. Seeking out a connection between the food we consume and its source – in fields, not on supermarket shelves – Moscow attempts to recreate internationally-renowned chefs’ dishes by hunting, gathering, foraging and growing his own ingredients.

Created by Moscow and his wife Karen, with some episodes set to be directed by Chef’s Table’s Clay Jeter, From Scratch is an exploration of where our food comes from, helping us understand more about what we put in our bodies. With so much everyday food processed, canned, and prepared for our convenience, there’s no real connection to the actual source. With more conscious eating becoming more prevalent – think ‘farm-to-table’ or ‘eating local’, there’s an increased interest in how our consumption habits affect the planet, and humankind as a whole. The series uncovers the realities of food production today, the history of our food and the science behind it through interviews with experts across various fields.

David Moscow made his feature film debut becoming “big” in Big. He learned to sing and dance in Newsies, tried to stop Ashton Kutcher from getting hitched in Just Married and sold drugs in Penny Marshall’s Riding In Cars With Boys. But before that, he spent summers in the wilds of Montana and Maine, fishing, hunting and foraging for food with his family – giving him a real sense of connection to the food on his plate that he feels he’s lost over the years. Having travelled widely and eaten different cuisines around the world for decades, his love of food and adventure are inextricably linked.

NV Studios CEO Damien Brown says that the opportunity to collaborate with passionate and knowledgeable ‘food explorer’ David Moscow in producing a show was an unmissable one.

“David brings a lifetime of passion to understanding where the food we eat every day, comes from – and shares powerful stories that highlight the importance of the origin of everything on our plate,” he says. “We’re looking forward to bringing the show to life, alongside top international production talent like Clay Jeter, and sparking a genuine interest in not just what, but how we eat and where it comes from.”

From Scratch starts airing in the US in October 2019, with worldwide broadcast to follow.