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Post production is expanding, driven by new technology and changes in the way clients create their stories. It’s a complex field driven by specialists who share their expertise and passion for post with Susan Reynard.

Blood Drive-Refinery VFX work on International Series 2

Expertise on offer

Refinery is a full service post production facility, from media management services on set to offline cutting rooms. They also offer colour grading, online, sound editing and visual effects, all the way through to delivery masters for the local and international marketplace. “Post production is a broad field and is ever-growing with new technology. It’s about customising to the specific needs of each production, striving to elevate the production value of any given show or piece,” says Lauren van Rensburg, general manager of their Cape Town branch.

On-Key Sound Studios has been in audio post production since 2001. “Our services include dialogue editing, track lay, foley, ADR, additional location recordings, sound design and final mix for all genres and platforms including multimedia, radio, television and film. Additionally, we collaborate with top music composers to offer a complete audio post package. All these elements are combined to create the best sound track for each production,” explains owner Janno Muller.

Post City offers a full post production environment that includes media management and archiving, 4K capable viewing theatre, edit suites, sound design, ADR and music production studios, grading theatre, VFX, CGI and animation including VR and a “Barco Auro3D” and “Dolby Atmos” certified immersive sound final mix theatre. Owner Johan van der Colff says, “Through our expert operators and co-production members we offer a full-service solution in one central hub to clients and productions that require a large studio infrastructure and contained post production environment, who want to work with specific individual creative talents and customise their production needs and workflow.”

Sasani Studios offers a full technical solution to any television production, from parking through to studios, edit suites, final mix and live TX, including pre-production, production and post services. The primary challenge throughout the entire process is to edit footage almost as fast as it rolls off the camera feeds, says CEO Eileen Sandrock.


In exploring a solution, Kim Smith, Sasani Studios’ chief engineer and his team developed a post workflow solution based on client’s needs and using a shared storage system, along with a production asset management solution, which includes ingest, browsing and logging capabilities. “This new integrated workflow is tremendous for time-saving and increased efficiency, as many simultaneous users have collaborative access to high-resolution video footage. Editors and compositors connected to the network can seamlessly access and share in real time from a common pool of media files, regardless of the application, platform or source material,” says Eileen.

Kim Smith explains further, “We use the EditShare solution for this purpose as it has a powerful database that allows users to access and track all media assets on the entire network throughout the production process, from ingest to edit and through to play out and archiving. The servers provide multiple channels of HD/SD-SDI and file ingest, including low-resolution proxies and a logging tool which allows productions to add metadata in the fastest way possible. Multiple Avid Media Composer NLE systems and Avid Pro Tools audio suites are connected to the network, which includes nearline and archive systems, together with browsing and admin workstations. The use of video recording servers allows us to record multiple (ISO) cameras simultaneously, ready for multi-cam editing,” he explains. “This project sharing facility allows the team to selectively see each other’s projects and work collaboratively to build the shows.”

Cal Kingwill, producer and founder of Priest Post Production which was established in 2003, says they pride themselves on their meticulous management system. “All clients and suppliers are treated with care and respect and attention to detail is afforded to every task and project. Michelle Barrow is one of the best VFX and online producers and has worked with large teams of animators and compositors in commercials and feature films. Jess Cash has procured numerous clients whom she works with creatively on scripts and concepts and thereafter produces the short films and TVCs. Our studio offers invaluable experience from SAFTA award winner Matthew Swanepoel in the commercial and feature editing field. Motion graphics and illustration from Amelia Cohen, 3D on the Rolls Royce of 3D software Houdini, with artist wizard Nathan Anderson, colour grading with Francesca Verveckken on Da Vinci Resolve and the master of all compositing, Grant ‘The Monk’ Aerts on Autodesk Smoke,” she says of her team and their expertise.

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