September 12, 2019

BBC Studios’ The Watch to Shoot in South Africa

BBC Studios is carrying on the legacy of  Terry Pratchett with a new series that will begin shooting in South Africa at the end of September.

Terry Pratchett’s stories from Discworld books are about to be turned into an upcoming BBC America series.  The series will star the much-loved star of game of thrones, Richard Dormer. The series will be shot in South Africa. Shooting will begin now at the end of September.

The series is called The Watch and it is set in the fictional city of Ankh-Morpork where crime is legal. Richard will be playing as Sam Vimes, the captain of a group of seemingly “fish out of the water” cops known as The Watch. The series will see this group take their power back from decades of helplessness to save their corrupt city from calamity. The Watch is based on City Watch, which is a spinoff series from Discworld novels.

“I’m so thrilled to be part of this brilliant madness and mayhem,” Dormer said. “I was immediately drawn to the multitude of layers to Sam Vimes, and I find the dynamic between him and his band of disenfranchised comrades very compelling.”

Joining Dormer in the series are Adam Hugill (1917), Jo Eaton-Kent (Don’t Forget The Driver), Marama Corlet (Blood Drive), Lara Rossi (Crossing Lines) and Sam Adewunmi (The Last Tree).

The series will be directed by Craig Viveiros, who also directed And There Were None. The lead writer of The Watch is Simon Allen, who wrote The Musketeers. BBC Studios is producing this series alongside Narrativia, which was launched in 2012. Narrativia was also a production partner on Amazon’s adaptation of Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, which was also shot in South Africa.

The characters in the series seem to be very interesting and fun to watch. Eaton Kent will be playing constable Cheery and Hugil will play a dreamy new recruit Constable Carrot. Marama Corlett will be playing a corporal Angua who is responsible to train Corlett. Lara Rossi is playing as intimidating Lady Sybil Ramkin, who is holding the last of the city’s nobility. Sam Adewumni plays the wronged Carcer Dun, who is committed to taking control of the city. All of these characters seem very funny and we are excited to see what the cast will bring out of each one of them.

Richard is expected to kill it as Sam Vimes, as said by the AMC Network’s entertainment group & AM studios.  This series is set to uphold the legacy of the legendary Sir Terry.

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