Rocketman Elton John Film Biopic
June 6, 2019

Rocketman Review – The Elton John Biopic

Rocketman, the Elton John Biopic, is just as fun, fabulous and flamboyant as the legend himself!

Targon Egerton does an incredible job at bringing the young, queer, conflicted and addicted Elton John to life.

Rocketman is a beautiful yet melancholic depiction of the musician’s life that takes you on a musical journey, using his most famous songs to depict moments in his life, from his childhood challenges to his rock-star-sized sufferings.

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From the very beginning of the film, you can feel that you’re about to jump into an emotional rollercoaster when Elton – dressed in a fiery red full-piece sequence bodysuit with devil horns and angel wings – struts his way into an AA meeting.

You’ll laugh, you’ll frown, you’ll smile, you’ll cry, and you’ll be left with an intense feeling of wonderment.

Elton’s seemingly supernatural abilities as a musical genius, his relationship with his estranged father, his insensitive mother, the solace he finds behind the keys of a piano and the incredible connection and lifelong bond he has with Bernie Taupin are beautifully interwoven into this 2 hour feature, created by director, Dexter Fletcher and screenwriter Lee Hall.

Throughout the film, Elton’s style progresses from an unsure artist still finding his feet to the eclectic and flamboyant showman we know today.

Elton John falls head over heels for John Reid, his first significant lover, who eventually becomes his manager. Reid is portrayed as the villain who rips Elton’s heart from his chest, openly cheats on him, exploits him for his millions while encouraging his substance abuse.

As things progress, Elton turns to pills and alcohol to fill a void as he battles with his own internal struggles, childhood issues, and the seeming lack of love. We witness his decline into a dark pit of drugs, sex and alcohol that later results in a failed suicide attempt.

The story ends on a high note. Elton experiences a moment of self-realisation and is ultimately saved by the one thing that he was truly afraid of: real love. Love for himself and who he truly is.

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