Pan African Film Festival - The Last Victims
February 5, 2019

SA Film To Premiere At PAN African Film Festival In US

A feature film by South African director, Maynard Kraak will have its world premiere at the Pan African Film  & Arts Festival (  in Los Angeles on the 8th February 2019.

The film was shot in Ballito and surrounding vicinity with the support of the National Empowerment Fund and the KZN Film Commission, and was produced by Maynard Kraak (West Five Films) and Rajiv Terwadkar (Utkarsh Entertainment). There are exceptional performances by Sean Cameron Michael and Kurt Egelhof, who spearheaded a stellar ensemble cast including Marno van der Merwe, Ashish Gangapersad, Mark Mulder, Jacobus van Heerden, Grant Swanby, Anton Dekker, Deon Coetzee, Wilson Dunster, Baby Cele, Gustav Gerdener and Tumie Ngumla. The haunting score was composed by Geo Hohn and the film editing was by Cohen Lorenzo Davids. The visually gripping, yet dark and moody visuals were provided by first-time feature film cinematographer and Durban native, Meekaaeel Adam complimented by production design by the talented Cape Town based Warren Gray. The screenplay was written by Nichols’ Fellow, Sean Robert Daniels.

The Last Victims is a cathartic journey of atonement for Sean Cameron Michael’s DAWID, a former member of the Apartheid era police black ops C-1 unit, who embarks on a road trip with the only surviving victim of a group of political activists who’d been tortured and murdered thirty years ago, to try and locate the bodies of the fallen comrades. Kurt Egelhof’s PRAVESH is a man broken by those events and in particular, the loss of his soul mate and fellow activist LWAZI, and without a body to lay to rest, has never been able to overcome his PTSD or find closure to his grief. DAWID and PRAVESH’s search invites danger as it becomes apparent that there are elements that would prefer the truth about our past to remain buried.

According to the director and producer Maynard Kraak, “this film takes an uncomfortable look at our past, and the shortcomings and even failings of the TRC trials that swept many atrocities under the carpet during the euphoria of becoming a democratic country. However, South Africa has festering wounds that had been hastily stitched up at the time, without allowing for proper cleansing. We have achieved democracy relatively peacefully, without a civil war, however, we still carry the same burdens of war, with the same psychological wounds on both sides. The TRC was a noble pursuit, but it was a flawed process. Sometimes even the Truth is not enough to set you free.” The film will do the festival circuit first, before heading to local cinemas, and international sales are being handled by Blairwood Entertainment in the USA.