September 11, 2019

‘Skate Tracking’ Director Lands at FORT

Earl Abrahams is the newest director to join FORT, bringing a range of directing, photography, and cinematography skills to the team.

Johannesburg, 09 September––As a commitment to storytelling and investment in the next generation of storytellers, FORT welcomes its newest talented director Earl Abrahams.

Abrahams was raised on the Cape Flats in Bonteheuwel and has since relocated to Johannesburg where he has been building a name for himself as a director, photographer and cinematographer. His background and passion for social development and the NPO sector, along with the personal experiences from growing up on the Cape Flats have significantly contributed to the way he sees, experiences and captures the world.

Abrahams comes from a strong photography and cinematography background, making him a multi-disciplinary, talented creative who brings a unique set of skills to the world of commercial and filmmaking. According to Earl, content creation should be concerned with sharing stories, experiences and possibly giving face and voice to those that might not have the platform. He passionately explores themes around identity, segregation, and human-centric stories of the South African people and brands.

Abrahams joins a roster of directors at FORT including co-founder and award-winning director Amr Singh, and female director Mo Matli, among others. He has vast experience and a passion for telling stories through a lens, recently working with brands such as Revlon, Vodacom, Hollard, Huawei, Elle and Aldo among others. Abrahams himself boasts many accolades; most recently, he exhibited his work ‘Flexpression’ at the Institut Suedois in Paris. He has worked closely with the Desmond & Lead Tutu Legacy Foundation, running their Youth Employment Programme as well as creating and running workshops aimed to teach and upskill youth in public speaking and innovative thinking among others.  He is also one of three ‘skate tracking’ experts in South Africa, a unique skill that sets his style and ability to capture moments apart from other South African directors.

Together with a passion for connecting people, a curiosity for discovering authentic stories and his innate ability to create human-centric content, solidified by his background in documentary and commercial photography, Abrahams is equipped with lenses and language to take on any storytelling content.

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