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From car chases and caravans to not-so-simple transportation, vehicles move the film industry forward. We take a quick look at some of the local sector’s offerings.

“In today’s volatile market, companies’ successes are dependent on a robust distribution channel that is able to provide a framework to deliver their goods effectively.” A basic need for any filmmaker, no matter how experienced, is transportation. It goes without saying that the larger the production, the more detailed the transport requests and needs. This is where companies like Value Logistics and Imperial come on board.

Transportation: In It for the Long Haul

Value’s Film Fleet offers ten years of credible experience to support the needs of the film industry, with fully comprehensive transport and logistics services, tailor-made to any shoot’s requirements. Heading up the department is Margie Welch. Her vehicles are fitted with tow bars, tail lifts and volume bodies. They also build customised units according to customer needs. Value truly goes the extra mile, from providing camera vehicles to lighting, mobile production offices and wardrobes – they’re also the only rental company to offer a technocrane transporter. Some of the productions they’ve been involved in recently include Sink, which won Best Film at the SAFTAs this year, Shepherds and Butchers, The Mummy, Boogie Mountain and Isibaya. The company also worked on the latest Tomb Raiders instalment where they built a special gym unit for the shoot.

A renowned supplier of transport to local and international filmmakers is Imperial Truck Rental’s film division. With offices in the Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, they’ve been involved in all sorts of film features and commercials and can provide the full complement of vehicles required. Some of these are Light Duty Vehicles (LDVs), panel vans, sprinters, both 4 and 8-tonne trucks. “On occasion we receive requests for refrigerated vehicles and drop sides with cranes,” adds Sandy Phin, Business Development Director at Imperial. “Our vehicles are customised to suite our client needs by adding rails for wardrobe, and shelving for lighting and camera gear.”

With the demanding schedule of the film sector, these vehicle companies need to be available 24hours a day to accommodate needs and challenges. Imperial’s Cape Film branch in particular has been associated with some incredible big-budget productions including Ultimate Braai Master, The Mummy (shot in Namibia), Blood Drive, Black Sails Season 4, and Of Kings and Prophets. They are currently working on the sets of Maze Runner 3, Tomb Raider, Troy, and Boogie Mountain.

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