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Renting Film Equipment

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The equipment rental industry is one of the key driving forces behind South Africa’s success in shooting local and international films. Three top suppliers share their expertise and latest trends with Susan Reynard. Film equipment is one of those items that should never be in the warehouse but always on site. Managing stock, maintenance, supply … [Read more]

Stage and Screen: 5 Top Tips to Get You Saving on Airfare

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The logistics of travel are part of your everyday working life… Moving equipment, moving your crew, dealing with last minute changes of all kinds… It’s important to manage these logistics carefully or the extra costs you load onto your travel can be exorbitant. So, how can you manage your travel costs and save money? If … [Read more]

Stage and Screen: Taking Care of the Action Behind the Scenes

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Take your seat… While you direct the action on screen, we’ll take care of the action behind the scenes.     Who are “we”? Stage and Screen! We are a travel management company who specialise in providing travel services specifically for your industry! Tight deadlines, strict budgets, building sets, shooting in multiple locations; we know filmmaking … [Read more]

Fixers in Africa

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Africa has a number of reputable fixers working in the continent’s film industry. We bring you a helpful list of the people who can move mountains to make your production a success on location. Internationals rely on native knowledge not only to source the talent, equipment and locations needed to film a production in Africa, … [Read more]

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