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Ethiopia: Otherworldly Location Off the Beaten Track

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A fascinating location off the beaten track, Ethiopia offers a plethora of otherworldly looks for the discerning filmmaker. A country that’s seen many hardships in the last few decades, Ethiopia is now coming into its own as a nation with much to offer the film world. It has a wealth of undiscovered cultures and locations, … [Read more]

Support a Filmmaker for the Zanzibar International Film Festival

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The Zanzibar International Film Festival is one of the highlights of the island nation’s cultural calendar with thousands of people attending every year. Films, filmmakers, film-lovers and tourists all flock to the 9-day event that celebrates music, the arts and the spirit of the island itself. Every year ZIFF hosts a range of international filmmakers … [Read more]

Packaging Independent Commercial Films for the US Market – Jeff Byrd, Featherfilms

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“Viewing habits have changed, so you need to know how to navigate the American market. If you have a film that you think it commercially viable in the American market, you want it to get as much mileage as possible. The US market is not for the thin-skinned. So do your research and your homework,” … [Read more]

The Filmmaker’s Guide to Africa 2016

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The Filmmaker’s Guide to Africa 2016 (FMG) is an annual African film industry marketing magazine targeted at an international audience. As a marketing resource and information guide, it makes a strong financial and strategic case for shooting in Africa by detailing incentives, rebates and subsidies, exploring regional features and logistics, and creating a thorough overview … [Read more]

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