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SA Talent Shines Bright

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Despite a tumultuous year with a host of issues facing the talent industry, SA talent has shone and held their own amongst their peers across the world. Kim Crowie reports. There truly is nothing like a well-delivered line of dialogue – and this from someone who’s never performed a day in her life! We all … [Read more]

Stunt Artists: Thrill Seekers of the Film World

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Stunt artists and agencies in South Africa offer some of the best services to both international and local productions. Kim Crowie takes a peek at their adrenalin-packed lives. Imagine the latest Marvel Studios instalment with mediocre action. What if the iconic fight sequences in Oscar-winning Mad Max: Fury Road were just ‘meh’? Where would the … [Read more]

TV vs Film vs Commercials: An Industry Overview

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Kim Crowie takes a look at how each sector has been faring, and what we can expect in the months ahead. South Africa’s film, television and commercial industries continue to flourish this year, with a number of trends and movements beginning to change the shape of these sectors. According to the National Film and Video … [Read more]

Connecting with the Emotions through Music

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No film would be the same without a score giving subtle, nuanced voices to a river of emotions beneath the surface. Kim Crowie investigates music in the movies, from industry trends and online libraries to licensing, musicians and composers. “Music is the emotional spine of a film. It offers the opportunity to become a character … [Read more]

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