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The Martini Shot: How Int’l Approach to In-House Production Impacts Here

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The international trend of the monolithic, worldwide, ad agency groups opening in-house production houses/units is not only affecting South African (director-based) production houses but also SA service-based production houses; the knock-on effect in the SA commercial service industry has been evident, with a huge drop in work this past summer season. The in-house production units are now … [Read more]

The Firebird Takes Flight States-Side

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Sold-out puppetry/dance/animation production The Firebird takes wing in the States. In a burgeoning and competitive local animation landscape, Johannesburg-based studio MAAN Creative are carving out an intriguing niche as animators to the live theatre world. Headed up by directors Michael Clark and Johan Scheepers, MAAN recently completed work on The Firebird, a visceral theatre experience combining puppetry, dance, and … [Read more]

The Filmmaker’s Guide to Africa 2016

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The Filmmaker’s Guide to Africa 2016 (FMG) is an annual African film industry marketing magazine targeted at an international audience. As a marketing resource and information guide, it makes a strong financial and strategic case for shooting in Africa by detailing incentives, rebates and subsidies, exploring regional features and logistics, and creating a thorough overview … [Read more]

Wezley Joao Ferreira of Digital Therapy Talks DIT

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Why did you get into the digital imaging industry? My life has always been incredibly visual. My Dad is a fine art dealer and my stepmother was an artist; so I have grown up around art since I can remember. My mom is blind, so I acted as her eyes by explaining what I could … [Read more]

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