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DISCOP Joburg: Highlighted Programmes

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DISCOP Johannesburg 2017, taking place from 22-27 October, has made a commitment to independent producers with a programme specifically curated to target film, television and digital content producers and to help them improve pitching, networking and business skills. Running parallel to the market and open to all registered delegates, The Next Gen Programme will feature speakers and experts … [Read more]

Managing The Unit Supply Chain

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The unit manager, whether combined with location or transport management functions, is the glue that holds a commercial and film project together. Susan Reynard speaks to three veterans of the field. If the apocalypse threatens you want to be in the company of a unit manager. In addition to vast knowledge of the ins and … [Read more]

Animal Performers: All You Need to Know

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The Performing Animals Protection Amendment Act 2016 was passed into law in July of this year. We unpack what it means for productions using animal performers, and what it means for handlers, too. Filming with animals is no picnic in the park – although very rewarding. With the newly passed Performing Animals Protection Amendment Act … [Read more]

AFDA Boosted to Meet Challenges of Creative Economy

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The AFDA board of directors and co-founders, Garth Holmes and Bata Passchier, are proud to announce that AFDA has been incorporated into the CURRO Holdings’ wholly owned tertiary education subsidiary, STADIO Investments. The institution has grown from six students, a broken TV and rented VCR to over 3 500 alumni, 2 000 fulltime students, 5 … [Read more]

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