The Extraordinary Life of a Film Fixer

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We chat with Margie McMahon, Line Producer and Fixer, exploring the ins and outs of her daily life.

Margie McMahon is a woman with a wealth of experience in the film industry dating back to the 90s. Her work is predominantly in the commercial sector right now, but she has built a reputation as one of SA’s top line producers through a range of projects from reality TV to music videos. From the initial enquiry to quoting a job and executing it, Margie is involved at all levels. The Callsheet caught her between jet setting moments to find out more about her busy lifestyle and why she’s passionate about this industry.

What is the life of a film fixer?
There is no typical day in the life of a film fixer/line producer in Africa. Every job comes with its own challenges as each country you work in and requests are all different. You might be asked to find a remote location that’s able to do 360 degrees without seeing any sign of life for filming with the gorillas. You get people asking to film in national parks with the Big 5 and they think they can walk around and not worry, that the animals are trained. It takes a while sometimes for people to realise that Africa is a very diverse place and that filming in Africa is very challenging. Often we find that our clients are not prepared for how basic certain parts of Africa can be.

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