The World of Film Cameras

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What are the latest developments in the world of film cameras? Natasha Skoryk speaks to Stacey Keppler, of camera rental company Zootee Studios, to find out.

A lot of people have been saying that we’ve reached peak technology,” Stacy Keppler says, considering the role of the new film cameras on the scene. Most of the cameras currently available on the market offer multiple lenses, dynamic range and phenomenal resolution – which looks to improve with the rise of 8K. As such, even the so-called “basic” models offer filmmakers far greater range than past iterations
used to. “We’ve reached an amazing dynamic range within all our cameras,” Keppler adds, “And then we’ve reached a resolution which is just amazing already – never mind going to 8K – but most [cameras] are over 4K.

That’s amazing! All these cameras are producing beautiful images.” This can make it far more challenging to pick a ‘favourite’ camera than it used to be in days gone by, and it is also harder to get excited by new arrivals on the scene – at times it might even seem as though the greatest developments have already taken place. “Obviously,

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