March 4, 2019

WGSA Muse Awards Are Back

Entries for the 2019 WGSA Muse Awards are now open!

The WGSA Muse Awards shines the spotlight on and recognises the contribution made by the often faceless and unappreciated creators and originators of entertainment content. The award ceremony will take place in Johannesburg on 3 November.

The most important requirement to enter the prestigious WGSA Muse Awards is that you must be a WGSA member (all categories of membership qualify). The other, equally important requirement to be eligible is that if your screenplay is unproduced, it must be registered; whether with the WGSA, WGGB, WGA or any other official writers’ guild in the world who are part of the IAWG (International Association of Writers’ Guilds).

This year members can enter their work in 16 different categories.

This year the WGSA has introduced a category called Best FAS Original Feature Film Screenplay. As part of the WGSA’s Business Implementation Framework, we intend to set up an organisation, which will promote networking amongst African Screenwriters; The Federation of African Screenwriters (FAS). There are also plans for FAS to host masterclasses for professional screenwriters all over Africa.

And not only is the WGSA Muse Awards accepting screenplays in all the official South African languages, our new FAS category for screenwriters outside of South Africa, will accept entries in both English and French. Only African screenwriters who are not resident in South Africa, and who are not members of the WGSA, will be allowed to enter the category for Best FAS Original Feature Film Screenplay.

Click here to go straight to our website to read the guidelines and enter.

About the African Screenwriters’ Conference

This fantastic new initiative by the WGSA is athree-day conference to be launched right here in South Africa featuring the WGSA Muse Awards as the closing ceremony. And the good news is that the IAWG has set aside some money to help fund conference!

Every day during the conference, participants will have a choice of attending masterclasses on up to 3 different topics, or attend panel discussions or participate in FAS strategic sessions, or just relax and watch movies from around Africa.  And in the evenings, writers will have a fabulous opportunity to network with fellow writers from around the world.

The FAS team is: Verona Duwarkah, Dr. Anna-Marie Janse van Vuuren Lesego Madisa, Thea Aboud and Harriet Meier.

And the WGSA Muse Awards team is: Dr Avril Kinsey, Richard Nosworthy, Thea Aboud and Harriet Meier.

If you are a Johannesburg based member and would like to volunteer to be part of either team, we would appreciate the extra hands and you can contact Thea at

By Yolanda Lindeque-Strauss