January 29, 2020

CityVarsity: 9 Disciplines – One Roof

CityVarsity, Accredited School of Media and Creative Art situated in both Cape Town and Braamfontein, hosts 9 disciplines under one roof with a variety of choices in either Higher Certificate, Diploma, Degrees and even short learning programmes.

Each programme at CityVarsity offers state-of-the-art and relevant equipment to ensure all students are industry-ready upon graduation. Respected lecturers from various related industries guide students in a predominantly practical manner through all levels of expertise to ensure employability.

At CityVarsity, experiential learning is key, and no one does it better. We offer “Real World” experience while students are completing their qualifications, together with full access to work readiness programmes. This ensures that every student has the required tools to succeed. All this and more are achieved on two campuses, each with a vibe of their own which is matched by no other.

CityVarsity is a fully accredited Higher Education Institution, with all curriculum registered at SAQA. Programmes are also accredited by the Council of Higher Education (CHE) and CityVarsity is registered with the Department of Education (DOE) for the certifications shown on certificate no. 2001/HEO7/004

So, whether your dream is to create film, act, be a sound engineer, a graphic designer, a web developer  (new media), a photographer or to become an animator, CityVarsity is the place for you.

What are you waiting for? Registrations are now open!

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*NEW 1 Year

  • Higher Certificate in Digital Media (Animation, Graphic Design & Web Design)
  • Higher Certificate in Acting for Camera


  • Higher Certificate in New Media Development
  • Higher Certificate in Motion Picture Make and Special Effects


  • Bachelor of Arts in Sound and Music Technology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Acting for Camera
  • Diploma in Professional Acting for Camera
  • Diploma in Film and Television Production Techniques
  • Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television
  • Diploma in Animation
  • Diploma in Professional Photography
  • Diploma in Sound Engineering
  • Diploma in Multimedia Design and Production


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