April 17, 2020

Film Industry Freelancers in Crisis

The Commercial Producers Association has called for support for the freelancers working in the industry. See their statement below.

To all of you who have enjoyed the beauty, talent, sunshine and sweat of the South African
film industry over the years.

The frightening reality in South Africa is that there is no social safety net.
The film industry is made up of freelancers, many of whom live from hand to mouth.
There is no UIF (unemployment benefit) for these people. There are no government handouts.
Our film crews, who are the bedrock of all of our productions, are slipping through the
cracks. Non-crew, no film advertising.

When the work stopped (which was weeks before the official shut-down) they simply
stopped earning altogether.

We, as an industry, need to look after our own. It is time we help, return the favours we so
often ask of our crews.

So we are calling on everyone involved in advertising. Clients, ad agencies, production
houses, and better-off crew members to donate now to the Commercial Producers
Association’s COVID-19 Fund. It is no panacea. It is not financial relief. It is merely a stopgap
measure to meet the most pressing and urgent needs of freelancers in the film

All donations will be given out in the form of grocery vouchers for Checkers, to nominated
crew members who are caught desperately short. We are carefully vetting the applicants.
There are no admin fees what so ever, every cent goes to our crew to put food on the table.
If you are able to help, we are so grateful, and the CPA Exco thank you in advance!

Account Name: CPA Trust Account
Bank / Branch: Standard Bank / Rosebank Branch
Account Number: 20 226 356 8
Reference: Your full name or company name
For details on how to apply, visit the link

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