JETS – The Film Initiative that takes you beyond

Round 4
Call for Entry 2019
Deadline: 18th October 2019

JETS stands for Junior Entertainment Talent Slate and unites 1st, 2nd and 3rd
feature film filmmakers with African, Canadian, German, Irish, Norwegian,
Dutch, British and US producers, sales agents, finance and distribution
companies during a pitching session with the aim of Co-Production during the
International Film Festival Berlin 2020 (venue to be announced at later date). 20 – 24
projects from emerging filmmakers will be selected for the JETS Initiative.
The JETS Co-Production Initiative organised by WEP Productions & WEP UK
Productions is funded and supported by NFVF South Africa, Telefilm Canada,
nordmedia, HessenFilm & Medien, Screen Ireland, Filminvest Norway, NL Film.


Conditions of Participation

1. Projects can be submitted by a producer/director team from the following
countries: South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Netherlands
and UK. The producer/director team must be in their first 6 years of their
film/TV career. An exception can be granted to the Producer: She/he can
have up to 10 years experience in the film business and/or has only
produced a maximum of two feature-length films.
2. All projects submitted must be fictional films that are still in the
development or financing stage. Completed films will be not accepted. All
projects must have a duration of 80 minutes or more.
3. Producers/directors wanting to participate in the JETS Initiative must send
an email to with the heading “JETS 2020 + name of
submitting person and country” including supporting materials (see page 3)
by the 18th of October 2019.
4. Each producer/director team must ensure to supply save links of previous
work i.e. short films, commercials, 1st or 2nd feature film (in case you
supply a project that should be considered as your 3rd feature film
5. If the script should not be in the English language, the filmmakers must
supply a three-page treatment in English.
6. The total Co-Production budget for one project may range from €300,000 to
€2,600,000. The maximum budget for a 1st feature film project should
preferably not exceed €800,000.
7. Only projects with complete information can be considered for the preselection

Materials to be submitted via email
Must be included:
a. Producer/Director CV’s and contact details (Name, Address, Phone number, email)
b. Any other creative crew members attached
c. Weblinks to previous work from the Producer and Director
d. Statement if it is 1st, 2nd or 3rd feature film project
e. Advanced Script Draft of the story submitted
f. Treatment (3 pages), if the script is not written in the English language
g. A detailed Synopsis
h. Cast Propositions / Letter of Intends (if available)
i. A basic production and marketing plan
j. Budget calculation (estimate)

Additional Material if applicable:

k. Financing Plan
l. Any third-party partners involved?
m. Any other relevant supporting material
• All materials must be submitted in English. If the original script is not in the English language, a
three pages treatment in English must be supplied. All participants must be aware that they have
to translate/rewrite their script in the English language if their project should fall under the four
selected ones by the Jury.
• All materials have to be numerical assigned and clearly labelled. If all materials are
submitted in one pdf document, please ensure that you include a table of contents.

Selection Process

1. The 20-24 projects with the high potentiality of development and realisation will
be selected by WEP Productions.
2. WEP Productions has the right to include projects by invitation.
3. All projects submitted will be treated confidentially. Once a project is
selected, the filmmakers agree to allow WEP Productions to publicise the
participation of their project and its representatives at the JETS event on
any platform or media where appropriate.
4. Once your project has been selected you must confirm your attendance
latest via email by the 5th of November 2019. If you fail to do so you will be
not able to attend the JETS Initiative as we will select a runner up project
5. The selected projects will be published on the website
in the news section by the 6th of January 2020.

Pitching Session

6. The materials of the selected 20 – 24 projects will be sent out to a
participating industry Jury of 10 members who will be able to have an
insight of each project before the actual event.
7. Each accepted producer/director team has to make a 5 minutes film project
pitch to the jury members and other participating peers on the event day.
8. Each producer/director team will receive a summary of each accepted
project for the JETS Initiative. Each team will preselect three other
participating teams as potential Co-Production partners for an exchange
talk (15-20minutes) monitored by one or two jury members on the day.
9. Each producer/director team will receive feedback on their project by the
jury members.
10. The 10 Jury members will decide at the end of the day which 6-10 film
projects are best to be pursued and considered for possible financing/

Further Information

I. Participants from South-Africa attending the JETS Event have travel and
accommodation (4 nights) covered for.
II. A €50,- daily allowance (max. 4 days) will be also provided per attendees
from South-Africa.
III. Please be aware that English will be the main language of communication
and all participants should have a good to excellent command of the
English language.
IV. As part of the JETS 2020 Initiative, you are cordially invited to attend the
breakfast networking event on Wednesday the 26th of February 2020 where
you can continue project discussions with other participating filmmakers.
(venue to be announced at later date),

GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)

We are letting you know that your information is safe with us and we will not
forward or share any of your informations except as described in the
additional points below. Your personal data (email and/or name, contact
number) will only be used for the purposes of the JETS programme and the
wider network of the JETS Initiative to ensure collaborations and coproductions
between filmmakers and professionals of the film & TV industry.
Further more:
1. We need to share your personal and project data with the selected JETS
jury members, other participating filmmakers and for internal project
evaluations. By applying to the JETS Initiative you give us automatically
your consent for doing this.
2. We use your data for statistical purposes in relation to the JETS
programme only, as we need to supply them to our funders and partners.
3. We will use your name and any information related to your project (e.g.
company name and project title) to reveal you as a participant and possible
winner of the JETS Initiative for marketing purposes in all media,
specifically on the funders’ and our own website.
4. Regarding our social media announcements, we will restrict your data to
only the project title and first name.
5. As part of our JETS network, we will send you from time to time a
reminder of our JETS events and other relevant partner events.
6. If for some reason you do not wish to receive further information about
our or partner network events after you participated at the JETS Initiative,
please inform us per email so that we can opt you out.

Further important notice
Every project and their filmmakers participating at JETS must take note to end
credit JETS in the THANK YOU SECTION as supported by the Junior
Entertainment Talent Slate (JETS Initiative) when going into production.

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