June 9, 2021

NorthVCA Joins Global Network

In celebration of seven years of creative excellence, brand design consultancy North has been named the 26th company to join By The Network – a burgeoning community of independent creative agencies from around the globe.


With offices in Cape Town and Amsterdam, North was chosen to represent the Sub-Saharan region of the continent and is the only African-based representative in the global mix of top-notch independent agencies.


The global network was founded by creative leader Per Pedersen who spent over 25 years working in the Grey Group, most recently as Global Creative Chairman of Grey Worldwide. By The Network have dismissed the dated corporate structures of the past and formed a global dream-team of highly awarded independent agencies and world class creatives, offering a new breed of curated creative and strategic talent. Since its inception in October 2020, the network has been selected to lead global work for Snap, Netflix and Carlsberg to name a few.


Not only does this allow North access to vastly diverse and interesting markets but, through this unique network, also facilitates opportunities for North to work on global brands who are looking to make their mark in Africa.


Mike Bond, Creative Director and Founder at North said of the collaboration, “We’ve always been globally focused, and this opportunity allows us to spread our wings while maintaining our own brand ethos. The idea of an independent network just really appeals to North’s innate sensibilities. It satisfies the need for global connectivity, yet on our own terms. The agencies already on the network are simply brilliant and it’s great to be in that sort of company.”


Gavin Williams, Creative Director and Partner of the agency, adds “North’s trajectory, from a small studio in Cape Town, into the rarefied atmosphere of our peers in By The Network is humbling and energising. We are exceptionally proud of what we have achieved and beyond excited to see what opportunities, collaborations and adventures lie ahead.”


“North is the perfect match for our global network of free-spirited creative agencies. The team has an impressive trail of great work on global clients and their craft is outstanding,” says Per Pedersen, Founder and Creative leader of By The Network. “The mix of experience and creative excellence is exactly what By The Network is all about. Borderless creative collaboration is at the core of why we exist, and North will play a significant role in expanding our reach and building our creative profile, not just as our hub in Africa but also on global briefs.”

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