April 23, 2020

Safe Fund to help the entertainment industry during Covid-19 lockdown

Safe is a new non-profit organisation – which was launched to raise relief funds for South Africa’s entertainment, events and festival community.

The music industry is among the hardest hit due to COVID-19, with more than 500 events cancelled or postponed over the coming months – and a devastating effect on the event organisers, bar companies, vendors, suppliers, DJs, artists, creatives, venues, security teams, etc. With SAFE, the South African music industry has mobilised and united to fill the gap.
Safe initiatives will be hosted by the music industry’s finest curators and creators. We call on you to engage with these initiatives, give a little and share the love.

Rally your circle and get behind the initiative, enjoy what is being created online during this time of uncertainty to protect those worst affected by the temporary industry shutdown. Your support will help the people behind the scenes that have worked hard to bring you some of the greatest experiences in South Africa. The true, unsung heroes.

In the short term, the hardest hit will be hourly-paid workers. This includes but is not limited to barmen, waiters, technical set up crews, décor company set-up crews, security officers, cleaners, fencing staff, and more. The list is exhaustive, and the effect potentially catastrophic.

Many thousands of these individuals are the main breadwinners in their households and will find themselves with no income.

Source: bizcommunity

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