November 19, 2021

SASANI STUDIOS: world-class facilities in Balfour Park

SASANI STUDIOS offers world-class film and television broadcast studios as well as post production facilities, AND has a total of 13 supported on-site studios, offering a variety of clients a chance to call SASANI their new home.

“For the past 37 years, SASANI STUDIOS has housed some of the largest television productions in South Africa… and continues to do so”, says Lynn Gaines the newly appointed Managing Director.

From 58.8 square metres to over 1 035 square metres, SASANI – situated at 2 Johannesburg Road, Balfour Park – has the studio for you. Whether you’re shooting a drama, a soap, a reality TV show, talk show, game show, children’s programme, corporate production or documentary, or even a feature film or live broadcast, we have a soundproof, air-conditioned studio to suit your needs.

We currently have the following 3 studios immediately available.

Stage 6: is 1034sqm and has a grid height of 6m, with recently re-furbished studio floors, so it is ready to go.

Stage 2: is 419 sqm – grid height of 6m – refurbished floors

Stage 5: is 553 sqm – grid height of 8 m – refurbished floors

  • Stage 2;5 & 6 are also linked to a control room with top of the range Grass Valley LDX 80 cameras, edit suites, and a shared storage system which includes ingesting, browsing, and logging capabilities.

SASANI STUDIOS offers large storage facilities, make-up rooms, green rooms as well as production offices.

  • Our studios are soundproof up to NC26 and are fully air-conditioned.
  • We can offer a fully packaged solution including lighting, crew and technical equipment as well as Dry hire rentals.

In addition to the above, SASANI STUDIOS also has a 135sqm Chromakey Studio to suit all your “green screen” needs as well as two smaller studios with adjacent support areas.

The SASANI team are standing by to offer you the very best studio hire facilities.  Call us for a site visit, a quotation, or any questions you may have.

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