November 19, 2021

Sunrise Film Studio: an innovative multi-use space that can flex to fit your needs

More than just your average studio, this creative hub is the ultimate location for film, TV, video and photographic productions.

Sunrise Film Studio is a modern space in the trendy light industrial zone of Ndabeni, Cape Town.

This contemporary site offers you all the comforts and luxuries to rival top international studios. Although newly renovated, the studio retains its original industrial appeal, making it a versatile blank canvas; Sunrise Film Studio is an innovative multi-use space that can flex to fit your needs, offering clients an authentic, user-friendly space where people can connect and create with ease.

Close to the prominent Sunrise Circle intersection, the studio is centrally located – accessible from both the N2, N1 and five minutes from M5. Parking inside the premises is ample, but if you require extra parking for larger productions, there is enough space across the road. There are several café, restaurant, and bar options in the vicinity, which is great when you want to unwind after a long day of shooting.

With 405m² of space, the studio is big enough to accommodate a large crew. There is also room to set up accompanying working areas such as a catering zone, technical backup station and other production support sections. Sunrise provides a clean, spacious, and comfortable environment for your shoot.

On top of this amazing studio space, Sunrise provides the best photography and film gear with professional customer service. Because the studio is affiliated with Photo Hire, one of South Africa’s top rental houses, a full complement of equipment is available to rent, and support is always on call. Renowned for its knowledgeable and supportive team, Photo Hire has been providing studio space and gear rental services for over 25 years. With Sunrise Film Studio, you get that same dedication and years of industry, studio and technical experience resulting in an outstanding facility that delivers beyond expectations.

Studio Space:

  • Stunning daylight studio section
  • Infinity curve
  • Flat wall sections, including long flat wall
  • Green Screen capabilities
  • Variety of different textured walls
  • Access to an assortment of colour paper backdrops
  • Large movable flats
  • 63 Amp 3-phase power with distribution box
  • Painting and set building available
  • Scaffolding in studio

Other Amenities:

  • Fully equipped kitchen, includes stove and all appliances
  • Lounge area with photographic art and magazines
  • Make-up station
  • Wardrobe station with clothes rack and steamer
  • Meeting room facility with desk
  • Workstation
  • Male and female bathroom with ample toilets, shower, and disabled toilets
  • 4 parking bays inside, ample parking across the road
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Wi Fi

To rent Sunrise Film Studio Contact:

Tel: 021 462 6933

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