May 11, 2021

The CTICC is Open as a Film Location

The CTICC provides the perfect backdrop to bring any story to life, from small independent films to big international blockbusters.

It is a location that holds two spacious buildings – CTICC 1 and CTICC 2 – with a combined space of over 140 000m² that provides a blank canvas from which to create magic.

In addition to their spacious offering, there are 6 additional exhibition spaces, window walls providing ideal lighting conditions, sound-proofed areas to prevent noise pollution and a Sky bridge with 360° views of Cape Town and Table Mountain. The CTICC’s multi-purpose complex and adaptable venue spaces can provide several options to create any shooting scenario, limited only to the production team’s imagination. A recent blockbuster filmed on location at the CTICC was Maze Runner: Death Cure, in which the building doubled as the WCKD Virus Prevention Centre in the story.

Here are some tips for those looking to book the CTICC for a film or photoshoot:

  • A filming permit is required for all film and photoshoots taking place on the CTICC’s
    property, car parks, roads, and in the Convention Square and surrounds. Approval
    must be sought before applying for a filming permit. An event permit is not required,
    and the event by-law does not apply for filming.
  • Should clients need to use the roads around the CTICC, it is up to the filming
    organiser to lodge a road closure request as part of the permit application process.
    Copies of the approved application must be made available to the CTICC, and prior
    approval must be obtained from CTICC’s management.
  • The organiser must appoint a Safety Officer to oversee the project, and a medic registered with the HPCSA and at ILS level must be scheduled for filming.
  • The CTICC provides general security along the perimeter of the building and
    roaming security within the centre’s public areas. It is advisable to arrange security
    services for your venue, load-in/out, and to secure equipment. This must be done
    through the CTICC.
  • All temporary structures, such as a stage higher than 900mm, custom stands (higher
    than 3m) and tents (bigger than 100m2), must be approved by CTICC management.
  • CTICC 1 has four 1 MVA, one 400kVA, and one 250kVA generator. The 400kVA and 250kVA generators are dedicated to Auditorium 1. CTICC 2 has two 1 MVA generators that are connected to power Halls 5 to 10, the Kitchens, Meeting Pods, Meeting Rooms, The Roof Terraces, The Gallery, and Office Blocks. They all start up automatically when a power failure is detected and
    take the load in ± 40seconds.

View the CTICC’s Film and Photo Shoot Manual for more information.

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